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Ambient Flooring is perched on the leading edge of flooring technology, with master mechanics and technicians who are just as skilled at restoring traditional materials as they are at handling new industry innovations. Below you will find some of the many products and services we offer.

Concrete Polishing

We can take your existing concrete floors from tired to fresh in just a few steps. Using industry-specific equipment like metal and resin-bond diamonds, and a state-of-the-art dust containment system, we mechanically refine old concrete floors to a gleaming, stunningly modern finish.

Concrete Sealing

Perfect for lofty, industrial spaces, sealed concrete is the natural, sustainable choice for anyone who cares as much about environmental accountability as they do about their budget. This cutting edge flooring system is beautiful, clean, cost effective, and eco-friendly.

Concrete Staining

With a vibrant medley of colors to choose from, stained concrete can provide the ideal complement to any design concept. We use the finest penetrating dyes to saturate color deep into your exisiting concrete floors. Your old floor will be simply unrecognizable. Click here for a sample color chart that shows just a few of the vivid possibilities.

Polishable Overlays

Think your concrete floors are too far gone to salvage? Think again. We can install a glossy, polished finish over almost any conditions, including an existing floor that is chipped, trenched, cut out, previously inadequately repaired, or even water damaged.

Self Levelling Underlayments

Like their big brother, the polishable overlay, the self-levelling underlayment works best on existing concrete floors of substandard quality. This system of surface preparation will turn a rutted, irregular floor into a flat, smooth expanse that is primed and ready for any floor covering you choose.


Microtoppings are so called because of the microscopic thinness of their installation. They are applied by hand in layers so fine as to be almost transparent, yet their installation will completely transform the look and feel of your concrete floor. Impeccable surface preparation is crucial in a successful microtopping installation, and we are industry leaders in this field.

Surface Preparation

Regardless of what type of floor covering you choose to finish the design of your space, Ambient will provide the best surface preparation in the business. Whatever product you select, preparing your surface to an excellent standard is crucial to ensuring the beauty and durability of your new floor. Ambient provides superior quality in all of our work, from bottom to top.

Ceramic Tile

The classic elegance and practicality of ceramic never goes out of style. Ceramic has always been hard-wearing, low maintenance, and attainable on any budget. Now it's modern, too. The variety of ceramic options is almost limitless. Ambient can find a tile to enhance the most sophisticated of contemporary design elements, and then install it to perfection.

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy is a wonderfully versatile product, with clear and pigmented, smooth and textured options, to allow for gloss or grip, depending on your particular needs. Epoxy is a completely seamless and impenetrable flooring system, which makes it ideal for hospitals, kitchens, garages, loading docks, or any other space that calls for an impermeable surface.


Although we specialize in modern flooring innovations, we are also industry leaders at restoring neglected luxury floors to the splendor of their original craftsmanship. Our master mechanics can make your pre-war terrazzo gleam like new.

Ambient Flooring is a high-end, full service, commercial flooring company specializing in concrete, epoxy, and ceramic tile. Ambient is founded on the principles of exceptional quality and integrity. Our real specialty is exceeding the expectations of every client.

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