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Parking Garages

We have assembled a dedicated team of experienced engineers, project managers, and highly skilled field laborers, poised and ready to collaborate with you on whatever Parking Garage repair, Traffic Coating or Waterproofing needs you have.

Ensure the Safety of Your Structure

Serving the Tri-State Area

For existing and newly constructed parking structures, we can help you handle all your parking garage flooring needs.


 Safety and compliance are our top priorities.


Why Act Now

“A condition assessment of a parking structure shall be conducted at periodic intervals as set forth by rule of the commissioner, provided that such condition assessments shall be conducted at least once every six years and after each notification of an unsafe condition.”

 - Article 323.3 of Title 28 of NYC Construction Codes (Effective of 1/1/22)

What The Law Says

With this new inspection law in effect, all NYC Parking garages must complete repairs of unsafe conditions in a timely manner.

"Parking structures...will also have to file a one-time initial observation report to DOB by August 1, 2024. This new required observation report, will be in addition to the previously required engineering reports that are still due in 2025 and 2027"

Expert Repair & Preparation

As with all projects involving widely-used and high-traffic common areas, parking garage repair and the application of traffic coatings requires diligent preparation and the execution of the appropriate processes to achieve a successful outcome with minimal interruption or downtime for the parking facility.

Surface preparation includes shotblasting, hydroblasting, and scarifying as needed to achieve the proper surface profile. A variety of expansion joint systems can be installed, including new fire-rated systems for maximum safety from floor to floor throughout parking structures. Elastomeric joint sealants that are chemically cured and capable of 50% joint movement are commonly used, and can be applied at a variety of temperature ranges to ensure maximum productivity.

Cementitious repair products that can be coated with epoxy or urethane coatings after only six hours are used to expedite the process. Catalyzed coating systems that cure almost instantly can greatly reduce facility down-time for owners. These systems can include epoxy, urethane and methyl methacrylate systems, depending on project requirements.

Traffic Coating and Waterproofing
The AMBIENT team has decades of experience repairing parking garages and applying Traffic Coating and/or Waterproofing for clients throughout Tristate Area. For many parking garage projects, facilities must remain open to the public while work is being comple
ted. The Ambient team sets up clean, safe, secure work-areas, enabling clients to provide uninterrupted service for their clients, employees, residents, or guests.

For projects involving confined spaces or sensitive areas, we can use low-odor products – contact us to learn more.

Parking Garage Repair & Traffic Coating Services
Application of Clear Water Repellant
Application of Traffic Coating
Concrete Deck Repairs
Crack Repair
Epoxy Crack Injection
Expanding Polyurethane Chemical Grout

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