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Parking Garages

Durable Foundations, Exceptional Design - Parking Garage Flooring by Ambient


Effective on January 1, 2022

Keep your structure compliant.  

We can refer you to the best inspectors that are experts at remediating identified issues.

What The Law Says

“A condition assessment of a parking structure shall be conducted at periodic intervals as set forth by rule of the commissioner, provided that such condition assessments shall be conducted at least once every six years and after each notification of an unsafe condition.”

 - Article 323.3 of Title 28 of NYC Construction Codes 

Ensure the Safety of Your Structure

According to local regulations, your parking facility must undergo a mandatory inspection every six years. To comply with Article 323 of Title 28 NYC Administrative Code, these inspections must be conducted by a certified Qualified Parking Structure Inspector (QPSI).

It's essential to note that this legal requirement applies to both existing and newly constructed parking structures across all five boroughs of New York City. Safety and compliance are our top priorities.


At AMBIENT, we've assembled a dedicated team of certified engineers, experienced project managers, and highly skilled field laborers, all poised and ready to collaborate with you. Reach out to us today for expert guidance on inspecting, restoring, and preserving the structural strength of your parking facility.

About Us

Choose Ambient Flooring for a parking garage floor that reflects the professionalism and caliber of your establishment. Contact us today to discuss how we can transform your parking space into a durable, functional, and welcoming area.

Elevate Your Parking Experience

Parking garages are more than just storage spaces for vehicles; they are the first point of contact for visitors and employees alike, setting the tone for the building they serve. Ambient Flooring recognizes the importance of this first impression and provides flooring solutions that combine durability with aesthetic appeal.

Safety as a Priority

Safety is paramount in our flooring solutions. Ambient Flooring incorporates clearly marked lines and directional arrows with anti-slip properties into the design of your garage floors, enhancing visibility and ensuring safe navigation through the space.

Robust and Resilient Surfaces

Our parking garage flooring systems are engineered to withstand the daily wear and tear of vehicular traffic. The high-strength, epoxy-based coatings ensure a surface that resists oil, gasoline, and other harsh chemicals, making it ideal for the heavy-duty environment of a parking garage.

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